Coming soon to a dump bin near you: Witty Wings "Fast Eagle" F-14

by Acey28. October 2012 16:43

Witty's been a bit more creative recently, putting out higher quality items with optional bits like landing gear and weapons and a few clever liveries and moulds that have and will take the thunder away from some Corgi and Hobbymaster offerings.

And then there's this: 

Witty recently announced a new Tomcat. While their Tomcat mould isn't the greatest, certainly there are decent liveries still to be done. However, their choice of Tomcat is bizarre. The Fast Eagle 107 Tomcat was recently made to an essentially excellent standard by Century Wings. However, as anybody who has been paying attention realizes, CW made too many of them, and as a result CW's quite excllent Fast Eagle Tomcats have been and still are available for cheap.

Why Witty would think that there's any residual demand for this particular livery is beyond me. I kind of feel sorry for Witty at times, but this release strikes me as just dumb.


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