Obivous Liveries that haven't yet been released...

by Acey29. October 2012 13:51
Often, manufacturers delay releasing "highly desirable" liveries on key moulds in order to sell more exotic liveries early on. This is certainly true with Hobbymaster's P-51 and especially, Fw-190. Other moulds being milked and so not in consideration here include the F-18, F-16, and others.

However, other times, a manufacturer's failure to make a certain livery is more of a mystery. Excluding liveries that have clearly been held back for "business strategy" reasons, here's my list...

  • Hobbymaster US Yellow AT-6 and/or SNJ - Arguably the most important training aircraft of all time in its most canonical livery. EI did only two T6s/SNJs, and one of them was in this livery. HM has plenty of yellow of T6s.. but no standard training US ones. Maybe they ran out of yellow paint? USAF, USN, USNR, and USMC versions all wanted!
  • Falcon Models standard camouflage French Air Force Mirage III - At least maybe they'll get the intakes right before it's released.
  • Corgi natural metal B-17 - Quite a few 8th Air Force B-17s were natural metal without looking like either Bit-o-Lace or Sentimental Journey. How about some love for them? My recommendation: Little Miss Mischief.
  • Corgi 1/72 DC-3 from a classic US Airline. Something like Eastern Airlines, TWA, or United. You know, what they should have made instead of "Camel Caravan."
  • Corgi MiG-29 - Ok, it's not the greatest mould, but it does grow on you. I even have two of the Ukrainian airshow one. Where is the standard Soviet or Russian war-fighting version? Ok, AA37507 was cancelled during the nadir of the depression, but surely it's time tobring it back?
  • Corgi P-38 - Oh where do I begin. So much potential in this underutilized mould.


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