Most wanted new moulds - historical aircraft.

by Acey2. November 2012 04:29
Here is my list of most wanted new moulds and the manufacturer that I'd like too see them from. The list is limited, as much as possible, to moulds that I think make relative economic sense for the manufacturers:
  • 1/72 B-29, Corgi - Is the B-29 a big aircraft? Absolutely. However, it's also quite simple in shape and the parts an be cleverly cast (for example, the fuselage can be done in segments rather than the usual "upper half / lower half" contraption. Numerous good liveries, and a big ticket item. Pity Corgi, as much as I love 'em, probably doesn't have it together enough organizationally at the moment to give this a serious go. Note: the wings could be packaged in such a way that the user would have to attach them.
  • 1/72 A-20 Havoc/Boston - Corgi - Corgi should jump on this before HobbyMaster does. The Havoc's user base is right in Corgi's wheelhouse, so to speak. It's an iconic aircraft with plenty of excellent schemes. Makes infinitely more sense than, say, their upcoming Puma mould. As much as I love Corgi's helicopters, that one is extremely limited in potential market.
  • 1/72 P-61 - Hobbymaster - Rumors have been swirling around this one forever. If HM makes it to the standard of their A-26, we'll all be happy. The trick with this one, of course, is to make the mould versatile enough to handle the several quite different variants.
  • 1/72 Supermarine Scimitar - Aviation72 - At the standard of their overpriced but decent seahawk. Alternately: DH Sea Venom.
  • 1/72 P40B or heck just about anything - Dragon 1/72 - Dragon, we miss you. You provided excellent models at reasonable prices only to be taken for granted and complained about because of your "fiddly bits." We apologize. Now, will you please come off your tantrum and stop making those ridiculous useless 1/144 things and rejoin the world? Quite literally anything that you have made recently in 1/144 would have been a massive hit in 1/72, and there are certainly plenty of other subject available for you. Suggested: P-40B.
  • 1/72 FJ 2/3 Fury - Skymax - There are enough interesting liveries to make this little plane an economic success.
  • 1/72 FJ 4 Fury - Altaya - The 4 is different enough from the 2/3 to need an almost entirely new mould. While there are many interesting liveries for it, the range of them is similar to the Skyray. Altaya's Skyray was more than adequate (though of course we'd like to see more liveries) and a FJ 4 Fury could be the same..
  • 1/72 CF-100 - I realize this is unlikely to happen, but wouldn't it be great to see a CF-100 commissioned by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum?
  • 1/48 Zero - Hobbymaster - There are a lot of worthy subjects for HM to do in 1/48. Being greedy for a moment, the reality is that I pretty much have most of the ones that I want (Hellcat, Corsairs, Wildcats, Me109s, etc) from FM, C1, and/or EI. While I have FM and Marushin 1/48 zeroes, this is one area where I feel that HM could nevertheless do well with me and other experienced collectors. For all the praise heaped upon them, Marushin's zeros were I think actually quite poor, and FM's were famously their weakest mould A good 1/48 zero would be exploitable for a very, very long time with HM, and most liveries need none of that pesky mottling that HM can't bring itself to do.
  • 1/72 Vigilante - Century Wings - Not holding my breath...


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