Musingss on new moulds of modern aircraft.

by Acey2. November 2012 05:09
Planes I do not particularly care to see new moulds of:
  • F-15E Strike Eagle - It's an important aircraft, but boring, and, frankly, I'm happy enough with my Dragon offerings. One dull 'tactical' scheme after another on the F-15E equals I'm sorry but I just can't see myself shelling out for whatever a HM version would cost.
  • F-18 E/F Super Hornet - The classic Hornets look right. This one looks like its on steroids. Regardless of my preferences however, plenty of Witty examples are available cheap, and so I'd pass on any new ones. I'm sure somebody can point out plenty of flaws in the Witty mould that a HM version might remedy, but ultimately given the number of choices in diecast these days and the significant surcharge a HM version would entail, I can't imagine that many people would be bothered.
  • F-117 Nighthawk - This is absolutely one of my favorite aircraft, and, truth be told, if a truly quality new mould were released, I'd probably get one. However, my SunStar version is not that bad. A smart businessperson might buy the SunStar mould, spruce it up a bit (read: intakes) and do quite well.
What I'd rather see instead ...
  • V-22 Osprey "Money Eater I" - If HM or whoever feels the need to make more modern aircraft, how about this one? Compact mould, consistent shape, and a fair number of liveries. The model needs to have the same tilt-rotor capability, of course, but this would be a real conversation piece and a winner.
  • F-35 Lightning II "Money Eater Max" - In the real world, I hate this aircraft with a passion due to how much it cost and how much the taxpayer was lied to about how much it would cost. However, given how many will be produced in real life, it seems a no-brainer that we'll see these in 1/72 diecast sooner or later.
However, if we never see a V-22 or F-35, in diecast, I'll get over it, too.


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