Mould Modifications!

by Acey5. November 2012 13:30
Here is my wish list for "mould modifications" that make sense.

  • Corgi 1/72 C-47/DC-3 to AC-47. It is my understanding that much of this was already done on an experimental basis by Corgi. There is most definitely a market for a Vietnam-era AC-47 in 1/72 scale! Of course, the door will remain firmly closed...
  • Hobbymaster Beaufighter to Beaufort. The Beaufort is the forgotten loser older brother of the Beaufighter, but they share pretty much everything except for the front fuselage. HM would basically need to make a new fuselage mould and mate it with bits and pieces, including the wings, gear, engines, and horizontal stabilizers from their excellent Beaufighter, and they'd be set.
  • Corgi 1/72 single-seat EE Canberra to Martin (R)B-57 2-seat Canberra. The Corgi single seat canberra is dead as disco. It's hard to imagine any other profitable liveries that they'd get out of the mould. Therefore, even thought it might take major surgery and irrevocably alter the mould, it makes a lot of sense to convert it into the US 2-seat version, where several quite saleable liveries are possible. Of course, Corgi is afraid of the USA, so this will probably never happen. On the other hand, for once Corgi could upstage HM by making one in ROCAF colors, too.
There are probably more, but these three immediately come to mind for the time being.


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