The perfect aircraft that will never happen.

by Acey5. November 2012 14:00
There is an aircraft that ticks all the following boxes:
  • Operated by the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia - the big four "western" countries for diecast collecting.
  • Operated by ROCAF and Japan, both of which have significant followings
  • Appeared in both Vietnam camo and ever popular US-Navy grey
  • Was fundamentally unchanged in terms of its basics throughout its service life, thus allowing most if not all variants to be made from a single mould.
  • Served as a gunship in Vietnam
  • Served in the Falklands War
  • Had cool 'Skunk Works' versions
  • Has plenty of interesting color schemes
and yet is unavailable in 1/72 diecast and probably will never be. That aircraft is the P-2 Neptune. Wouldn't it be nice?


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