More awful diecast from Aviation72: Folland Gnat

by Acey26. November 2012 21:10
OK, the Folland Gnat has never been what is traditionally thought to be an attractive aircraft. It's toyish and a bit ridiculous in real life.

Still, that's no reason to make a total caricature of it as Aviation72 have apparently done:

Aviation72's latest release is yet more evidence that they are quite comfortable at foisting utter rubbish at exorbitant prices. For years I have had the compunction to collect at least one of each major diecast type being released - you know, for "completeness." But, now, a secondary rule has come into effect - "but don't buy overpriced crap." And this, like most Aviation72 offerings (exception: the Sea Hawk is overpriced, but at least its not crap), certainly qualifies.


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