Ugly, Ugly, Ugly.

by Acey17. January 2013 02:16
When I enquired why HobbyMaster/SkyMax would not do the iconic F-84 "Four Queens" livery, I was told that it was because the tampo printing was too expensive. So, I bought the tampo-printed F-84 "Four Queens" from EasyModel instead for USD $9.99 from a chinese eBay seller. We can confidently conclude, therefore, that the cost of credibly tampo printing a four queens F-84 is somewhat less than 9.99.

Apparently, though, this concern was not enough to keep HM from making this spectacularly ugly heavy-tampo release:

Look, I have a fairly large JASDF collection. But there's no way in hell that I'm going to sully it with the above piece of crap. Shame on (otherwise honest and decent) HM for their lame excuses.


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